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Inspiring Experiences from TLF Training in Our Partner School Rainbow Trout

Published on
11th Jan 2022
image of teacher with students
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March 10, 2022

“How do we achieve engagement? Involving students sounds fantastic, but I wondered how I would go about it in the classroom. That’s where the training by FGES came to the rescue!” classroom teacher Kirthika Ranjeet sums up her thoughts at the beginning of the Teach Like a Finn! (TLF) training.

Kirthika Ranjeet had started working at Rainbow Trout International School in Phuket, Thailand in August 2021. She participated in the TLF Training organised by FGES to build a good foundation in the new teaching position. The training included the modules Student-centred teaching, Teacher’s pedagogical understanding and skills, Lesson planning, and an orientation to the curriculum with a Finnish approach.

“During my training with FGES, I have had many excellent practical ideas shared with me by my trainer and I learnt how to make the student the centre of all learning,” says Kirthika.  

Indeed, new information on versatile assessment benefits her in the classroom. The TLF trainer from FGES was impressed by Kirthika’s creativity in implementing the student-centred methods with her students. Moreover, the great benefits gained from the training enhanced the learning and wellbeing in the classroom.  

The methods enrichened the classroom dynamics and gave insights into how students can reach their best potential. “I apply now different methods to drive the same objective or topic ‘till students are both interested and engaged,” explains Kirthika. She uses a multidisciplinary approach and aims to activate the students’ thinking and motivation at the beginning of the lessons. She does this for example by organising a project, a game, or a craft. Ranjeet also includes physical activity into the lessons: “The children are growing, and they need movement versus staying glued to their chairs. I organise it so that we have enough room in the class for free movement or take the children out to explore.”

Kirthika concludes that the training with FGES gave important insights into the role of the teacher and the students in the lesson. She gained methods on how to give students a voice in learning and how to provide students with opportunities to act in the forefront—in other words, how to highly involve the students. “This is a great way for learning to be meaningful and interesting!” Ranjeet adds.

The collaboration in TLF Training with a committed and innovative teacher is inspiring. FGES is happy to have a partner school that is committed to strive for outstanding learning outcomes through promoting student-centred learning and the wellbeing of students with inspiring teaching practices!