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Finnish Global Education Solutions is your academic partner when you want to start a new school or improve the existing one - the Finnish way. We have well-defined frameworks for school functions and structures, professional knowledge building, and practical pedagogical work. With this systematic approach we ensure continuity and sustainable changes.

All our services are designed by educational professionals and teachers with experience of the Finnish education system. We are a member of Education Finland program controlled by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Our way of working


Continuous reflection is needed to ensure that the planned activities will lead to the desired outcomes. Necessary changes are made, if needed. We want to create a culture of continuous reflection which teachers are able to utilize in the classroom with their students.


Strong participation of our partner is essential for the success of the projects. With this we aim to ensure that the knowledge of the culture, community’s values, vision, and working culture of the school are taken into account.


We respect our client and stakeholders who participate in the project. We respect the culture of our partnering country, and want to take the cultural requirements into account.


We believe in transparency and open communication. We make our processes and project development visible for you.
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