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Start a New School

Our school model combines the successful elements of Finnish education with best international practices. See what FGES as an academic partner can offer for your project. 

Improve Your School

Are you interested in developing your school? We offer out of the box solutions to make your learning community to stand out no matter what academic curriculum is in use. 

Professional Development Training

Discover what our Teach Like a Finn! and Lead Like a Finn! training programmes can offer to Your school. Our trainings focus on increasing Your organisation's own capacity. 

School Development Services

Find out how our services can be customised to develop any specific area of your school together with your experts. 

Professional Education & Training

We provide Finnish professional qualifications that equip the students with the skills needed and valued in the world of work.

Educational Travel

Our educational travel programmes are directed at all educational professional who want to witness first-hand the magic of Finnish schools. 

why fges?

Learning for future

Our solutions form a comprehensive entity that support students’ holistic development and learning.  

globally relevant

Combining the best practices from Finnish and International education appreciating local context, culture and heritage.     

trusted partner

We are a member of Education Finland program controlled by the Finnish National Agency for Education.


We always work in close collaboration with our local partners having students and teachers in the centre of our work.

the company

Finnish Global Education Solutions is your academic partner when you want to start a new school or improve the existing one - the Finnish way. We have well-defined frameworks for school functions and structures, professional knowledge building, and practical pedagogical work. With this systematic approach we ensure continuity and sustainable changes.

All our services are designed by educational professionals and teachers with experience of the Finnish education system.
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