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Teach Like a Finn!

The competence of the teaching staff is a key factor in achieving quality education. Teach Like a Finn! is a certificate programme for teachers’ professional development. The focus is on the ‘how’ of teaching; the training gives practical tools and guides the teachers to use evidence-based strategies in their craft of teaching immediately. The key in all our trainings is the interactive atmosphere, where ideas are shared from teacher to teacher with a hands-on approach.

What We Do

Training Structure

The programme is divided into two pathways: Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Primary and Secondary Education (PSE). Both pathways comprise a number of core modules and variety of specified modules. You may choose as many modules as you wish to suit your development needs.

We provide both direct training by a Finnish teacher trainer as well as train-the-trainer programme for local teachers to become TLF trainers. The train-the-trainer training makes the programme highly scalable and cost-effective. All our trainings can be organized onsite or online.

Training Outcomes

  • Increase teachers’ pedagogical and methodological skills and understanding 
  • Increase joy of teaching and learning
  • Increase the skills in effective planning
  • Improve teachers’ classroom management skills
  • Increase students’ activity and collaboration in the classroom
  • Improve students’ learning outcomes and life skills

Lead Like a Finn!

Ever rising expectations for schools and schooling require strong pedagogical leadership. Effective school leadership is increasingly viewed as central to change management and to improved educational outcomes. Lead Like a Finn! training is a pedagogical leadership program to ensure quality of education.

What We Do

Training Structure

Training consists of a set of workshops with practical approach giving each participant the opportunity to develop own leadership and school in dialogue with the trainer. You may order the LLF! -trainings as a package or choose the specified workshops to suit exactly your development needs. The workshops can be organised either remotely or face-to-face.

Training Outcomes

  • Understanding of aspects that effect on the quality of education and a toolkit to start with
  • Know-how of concrete ways to develop the school culture and learning community
  • Know-how of the use of shared leadership model
  • Understanding of the meaning of wellbeing of the staff and a toolkit to start with

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