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Are you looking for an exceptional school model and academic partner for your innovative future school? Having us as your academic partner we can together create unique pre-K to grade 12 Finnish Global Schools merging successful elements of Finnish education with best international practices. We have well-defined frameworks for routines and structures, professional knowledge building, and practical pedagogical work.

Our school model can be applied with any academic curriculum or you can choose to use our FGS curriculum that is following the guidelines of the Finnish National Core Curriculum but is aligned with international requirements.

We have three building blocks to ensure systematic approach

Finnish Global Education Solutions helps the schools to provide education that enables the students to reach their full potential and achieve outstanding learning outcomes. Our approach supports students’ holistic development and growth from the early childhood education till the upper secondary school.

The focus is on developing the whole learning community and its school culture making sure that local uniqueness and heritage are taken into account. Everyone shall feel and experience the appreciation of their personal impact they give to their local community and eventually creating a better world.

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