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Our pedagogical handbooks are designed for Kindergarten aged children. We have two pedagogical handbooks which are specifically designed for their age groups.
Activities in the handbooks give teachers ideas on how to plan student activating lessons where children learn through play, in collaboration with others. In the books we cover various topics, which include enough ideas for the whole year. The activities do not require big investments, as teachers can use recycled and low cost materials to carry out the activities!

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Find answers to common questions about our Pedagogical Handbooks.

What does it offer?

Our Pedagogical Handbooks offer support to deliver the curriculum according to the best Finnish pedagogical practices. The handbooks consist of pedagogical activity ideas, emphasising in: students' active role learning, learning by doing and collaborative learning methods.

Who is it for?

For teachers and educational professionals, for the following subjects: English, mathematics, science, arts, music and PE.

What languages are available?

Currently our Pedagogical Handbooks are only available in English.

How can I get it?

Contact us with any inquiry you have regarding our Pedagogical Handbooks. We will assess your needs and respond in a timely manner.

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