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FGES Completes Extensive Project With a School in GCC Area

Published on
11th Jan 2022
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January 14, 2023

We are proud to annouce that we have recently completed an extensive project with a school in GCC area. Our customer is one of the leading schools in the area. This project is a true example of the power of collaboration as it was executed in collaboration with PedaNow, a Finnish educational training and consulting company.

As a consortium we were invited to participate in a very competitive international tendering process. As a result, we managed to convince the client of our expertise on and passion towards helping schools worldwide develop their pedagogical working culture. We believe that the major factor that worked in our favour was our ability to provide practical solutions for both classroom and management level that are based on the best practices of the world-renowned Finnish education system.  

The project included assessment of the school’s current working culture, staff training where the main focus was on teachers, creation of an online training platform and building a framework for school culture development based on the key competences arising from the Finnish national core curriculum aligned with the values of the school. The feedback was fantastic. Especially the teachers felt that they gained plenty of practical tools to stretch and develop their pedagogical thinking and classroom practices to better serve the learning of the students.