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Your Students are Our Students

Published on
11th Jan 2022
students with teacher
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November 11, 2021

For some time now, we have been on a joint journey with Rainbow Trout International—a school in Thailand that is run by its inspiring principal Jacqui Kuter in collaboration with dedicated and passionate owners, teachers and staff. In our shared journey, we have had learning moments on both sides together and separately. Although we are at the beginning of our collaboration, together we can say that the best learning journey for the students is created through long-term cooperation. The work of FGES is based on creating a genuine partnership, in which the cornerstones are transparency and trust. This means finding solutions together through honest, open, and respectful discussion with the client school. Together we are courageous and willing to rethink the structures, practices, and pedagogy of the school. This is done by looking to the future while at the same time appreciating the surrounding culture and its history.  

Rainbow Trout International wants to be a unique learning community and the best place to learn for the children in the area. To reach this goal, we at FGES first listen more than we talk, and then together we will think outside the box. In terms of successful collaboration, it is essential to keep in mind the common goal and mindset, which is to be the best school in the world for these students. That is why we at FGES consider the students in our partner schools as also our students, and only the best is good enough for them!  

To date, one of the main goals of the collaboration with Jacqui Kuter and her staff has been to form a common shared framework at the school level for teaching and learning that is adopted and implemented by the competent teachers. A shared framework will create consistency for the learning experience of the students and the school functions. Our collaboration strives for a sustainable impact on the learning community. Thus, continuous development is crucial. Rainbow Trout International chose the FGES Quality Assurance programme that shall be seen as a special tool for the teachers and school management. It allows the whole school to work together towards the goals that are important to them. Above all, the role of FGES is to support Rainbow Trout International in achieving their goals for the benefit of our students.