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FGES starts long-standing cooperation with Rainbow Trout Creativity, The Harbour School

Published on
11th Jan 2022
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Phuket, August 31, 2020

Finnish Global Education Solutions (FGES) has started a long-standing cooperation with Phuket, Thailand. The cooperation includes implementing a Finnish-style school concept that will be first of its kind in Thailand. The school will open for grade 1 in September 2020.

The school concept includes the implementation of a unique Finnish International Curriculum composed completely by FGES’s own academic team. The Finnish International Curriculum emphasises a holistic approach to teaching and learning that brings together broad learning objectives, 21st century skills and subject-specific learning objectives that are in line with international equivalents.

Part of the cooperation is also the school’s quality assurance and continuous teacher training for the school’s teachers. To help steer the teaching towards a Finnish-style of teaching, a Finnish 1st grade teacher has been recruited to the school. FGES will oversee the implementation of the Curriculum, quality assurance processes and conduct continuous teacher training.

”We highly appreciate having a Rainbow Trout Creativity as a pioneering partner in Thailand”, says Mr. Antti Kaskinen, CEO of FGES. “Our concept is based on the Finnish educational excellence on top of which we implement international best practices. This will add value to our partners’ operations. We are looking forward to bringing a strong alternative to Thailand’s education market.”

“We are extremely grateful for the assistance of FGES in creating our unique local curriculum and are excited to roll it out this year. The training we received was very professional and relevant to our needs. The year plan and individual lesson plans are packed with opportunities to create an adaptable learning environment and we look forward to working together towards the dream of expanding our program in the future”, envisions Jacqui Kuter, the principal of Rainbow Trout Creativity.

Rainbow Trout Creativity, The International Harbour School, is an International School that offers ECEC and now also the Primary Level of Education using the Finnish Curriculum. The qualified and experienced team is geared to create an adaptable learning environment where the children in our care are given every opportunity to thrive, grow, question, discover and be an active participant in their personal growth. We encourage them to be aware of the welfare of all while contributing to and maintaining an ecologically sustainable world. Creativity, collaboration and fun are at the centre of every lesson to nurture their love of learning and build their confidence to enter the real world!

FGES's education services combine the Finnish education philosophy and the expertise of our local partners. FGES’s services include school concepts, education consultancy, teachers’ professional development programmes and educational travel for all education levels from early childhood education to K12 and vocational education.