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The Finnish Way

Add a touch of Finnishness in your school by choosing one or more of the elements below!

Learning environment design

The starting point for learning environment design is to support the active participation of students. Learning environment design includes for example interior and exterior space design, guides for furniture and equipment and ICT solutions.

Academic planning

The objective of academic planning is to support students’ growth in becoming responsible citizens and good human beings, and to equip them with excellent academic knowledge and skills. Academic planning includes implementation of our Finnish International Curriculum; pedagogical planning and assessment tools and methods; and teaching and learning materials. These educational goals can be supported with further extracurricular activities, e.g. a language club, sports club or entrepreneurship club – or a club of your choosing!

Staff training and support

We can offer continuous training to equip the staff with practical tools they need in their everyday work.  For teachers, the training includes, for example, following them in their work, helping them with problems they face and giving feedback on how to develop their practices. 

Administration and management

In cooperation with you, we develop administration and management procedures and practices, including staff management, student management and code of conduct and policy manuals.

Quality assurance

We will support you in establishing QA processes in the school and their implementation and inspection. Quality assurance includes e.g. planning and management, students’ support, staff competence and continuous development, and cooperation with stakeholders. 

Well-being and a healthy school day

Healthy living habits support development and learning. In order to support a healthy lifestyle, we offer training, materials and plans that support students’ well-being. We also provide support in recognizing students’ special needs and implementing individual support.