Teacher training

Teach Like a Finn!

TLF is a  certificate programme for teachers’ professional develop-ment that will give teachers all the knowledge and tools they need to teach like a Finnish teacher! TLF is a highly scalable and applicable modular programme that ensures teachers have a broad range of teaching methods at their disposal. The focus of TLF is on the ‘how’ of teaching and learning.

How it works

The central idea of TLF is to make teaching student-centred. It has numerous benefits for both teachers and students. TLF will, for example: 

  • increase teachers’ pedagogical and methodological skills and understanding 

  • increase joy of teaching and learning, 

  • improve teachers’ classroom management skills 

  • improve students’ learning outcomes and life skills. 

Training structure

The programme is divided into two pathways: early childhood education (ECE) and primary and secondary education (PSE). Both pathways comprise a number of core modules after which you may choose additional advanced  modules. You will get peer support in our online Community of Practice, the TLF Teachers' Room, during and after the training.


You may choose as many modules as you wish to suit exactly your development needs.The training can be organised as a direct teacher training or as train-the-trainer training. The versatile programme can be organised either online or face-to-face.