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School Model

Finnish Global Schools

Finnish Global Schools is an international pre-K to grade 12 school model merging successful elements of Finnish education with best international practices and objectives. Our schools cultivate outstanding learning outcomes and learning of 21st century skills in an innovative learning environment. Our unique Finnish Global Curriculum forms an educational continuum from early childhood education to upper secondary school.

Our philosophy

A changing world requires broad skills and competences. We believe this can only be accomplished by holistic, student-centred and participative learning that is based on a comprehensive curriculum. In our world, the child is an active learner in an aspiring learning environment, which enables applying pre-knowledge and engaging it with multidisciplinary learning objectives. As a result, Finnish Global Schools foster innovation, inspiration and motivation in the entire learning community. Principles of sustainability and active citizenship are embedded in all aspects of our education.

The Finnish Way

Any of the elements in the FGS model can be implemented individually or as customisable packages, enabling any school with any academic curriculum to add a touch of Finnishness in their school! Should you wish to update your school with elements of the modern Finnish education, you can choose to implement the following elements of our FGS model.