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FGES enters into partnership with IARS to establish 6 International Finnish schools in Egypt

Cairo, 07 October, 2020

Finnish Global Education Solutions Ltd. (FGES) has entered into a strategic partnership with International Academy for Advanced Researches and Studies (IARS), one of the leading providers of British educational and training services in the Middle East and North Africa.

Under this partnership, FGES and IARS will build and operate six International Finnish private schools in the Arab Republic of Egypt, with an average student number of 1000 per school. The schools will be run under FGES’ Finnish Global School (FGS) brand. The first one will be a thematic school in the Egyptian Capital Cairo. The school is to open in September 2022.

“Our first school will be a very special one, which will positively surprise the Egyptianeducation market”, Mr. Karim Al-Safty, the Chairman of IARS says.

While IARS will provide the infrastructure and administration to these educational establishments, FGES will provide a holistic academic framework that implementsFinnish pedagogy, teaching methods and an International Finnish curriculum.

“Egypt is a very old civilisation which has had a strong impact on the European culture. I am very happy to bring the best product of Finland, education, to Egypt and to continue the traditions of mutual dialogue”, says Mr. Risto Vahanen, the Chairman of FGES.

“We are very excited to offer a school that delivers good academic results with Finnish academic practices. Our school’s curriculum is an excellent combination of Finnish and international learning objectives that enables various paths for future studies”, says Mr. Antti Kaskinen, CEO of FGES.

The quality of teaching in the schools is guaranteed by offering continuous professional development for teachers for which FGES’ own internationally acclaimed professional development programme will be used. A selected group of international teachers will be appointed to lead the teaching in the schools. The principal of the schools is from Finland.

With over 12 years in the Egyptian market as a provider of British educational and training services, IARS wanted to bring a difference to the ever-growing educationmarket in Egypt.

“The Finnish education system is a very unique one with all its characteristics that will be very useful in Egypt”, IARS’ Karim Al-Safty says.

“Applying this new system will make a big difference in Egypt. For example, the system allows students to have more free time after school. The school’s cooperation withparents will relieve parents from teaching and enable more family time”, he adds.

“Once the schools are fully operational, the agreed partnership will bring FGES tens ofmillions of Euros in revenue”, says Mr. Vahanen.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Risto Vahanen, Chairman, FGES

Phone: +358 41 515 2550

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