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Finnish Global Schools

Characteristics of our schools

  • Outstanding teaching content and finest learning environment that support co-learning and participation

  • Focus on holistic learning leading to practical skills

  • Student-centred learning and interaction enabling an active role in learning process

  • Communal and supportive working culture throughout the learning community

  • Strong cooperation between school and society, locally and globally, to increase respect, tolerance and working life skills

Focus areas

The Finnish Global Curriculum includes cross-curricular links between subjects leading to practical skills. FGS has three focus areas that are embedded into different subjects. 

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The focus areas support innovation and entrepreneurship, personal growth, respect for diversity and understanding of social justice.


The FGS model is built on the idea of a comprehensive education path. The model includes three stages: 1) early childhood education and care and pre-primary education, 2) primary and secondary education and 3) upper secondary education. The educational continuum and its curricula are constructed in a way that will enable students' transition between education systems and to higher education.

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We have created a model that includes all the elements needed to start a school – all you need is an idea of opening one! The FGS model includes e.g. learning environment design, academic planning, staff training and support, quality assurance, and support for administration and management. The unique part of our model is the FGS network that includes all FGS schools around the world and enables international cooperation between them. The network is part of FGS’ global education focus area.