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Ms. Irmeli Halinen is a Director of Education Innovations in Metodix Ltd., a future research and consultation company. She has five decades of experience from the field of education as a teacher, principal and education expert. Ms. Halinen has worked in the Finnish National Agency of Education, e.g as a coordinator in the extensive National Curriculum reform in 2012-2016. She has also worked as a curriculum expert for OECD and UNESCO. Ms. Halinen has a master’s degree from the University of Helsinki.

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Mr. Markku Lepojärvi has worked as a teacher and principal in special education schools for the deaf for 40 years. Mr Lepojärvi has worked as an educational adviser in several development projects in Kosovo, for example in developing a teachers’ in-house training programme and curriculum development. He has also carried out an implementation plan for a school for the deaf in Albania. Mr Lepojärvi has also trained teachers throughout the world. Mr. Lepojärvi has a master’s degree in special education and also a degree in European Educational Management. 

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Mr. Jukka Ahonen has extensive experience as a principal, education management trainer and consultant. He has coached and supervised principals for over 30 years. Mr. Ahonen specialises in school as a learning organisation, school improvement, management teams and group dynamics. He has written several publications in education, one of the most well-known is ”Being Principal is a Profession”. Mr. Ahonen is a board member of ENIRDELM (European Network for Improving Reseach and Development in Educational Leadership and Management) and has also Chaired two ENIRDELM conferences in Finland.  

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Mr. Kauko Hämäläinen has been the Director of Continuing Education Centres of University of Oulu and University of Helsinki. He also worked as the Director of the National Evaluation Centre in Higher Education. Mr. Hämäläinen is a professor of university pedagogics and adult education. His international responsibilities include vice-presidency of EUCEN and ENQA. After his retirement, Mr. Hämäläinen has done short-term consultancies e.g. in Egypt, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia and Armenia. Mr. Hämäläinen has a doctoral degree from the University of Helsinki.

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Mr. Tapio Lahtero is an Administrative Principal of the Teacher Training Schools and leader of the Principal Training Programme of the University of Helsinki. Mr. Lahtero has extensive experience in education also as superintendent of education, as principal and university teacher. Mr. Lahtero has done many international consultations on pedagogical leadership and teacher training for universities and ministries, e.g. in Beijing, Guinea and Vietnam. Mr. Lahtero has a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Jyväskylä. 


Ms. Ulla Rasimus has versatile experience in the field of education as a class teacher, and especially in education trainings and development. Her training and development experience include curriculum development and implementation, pedagogical leadership trainings and trainings in digital pedagogical portfolios in ECE. She has been a professional guide/external supervisor for early childhood education teachers, class teachers and experts in social and welfare industry for 25 years.  Ms. Rasimus has two master’s degrees in education and has since done several continuing trainings, e.g in professional guidance and management.